Candi Kidal


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Candi Kidal lies SE of Malang. [map reference: 1607-434 Bululawang 42:30 01.45].  These directions start at Candi Jago. Visit the C Jago page for the directions from Malang to C Jago. From C Jago, to back to the main road (JR Kauman) follow this for 7.5 kms in Southerly direction (i.e. away from Malang) until you hit a bifurcation marked by a tugo. There turn right (in Westerly direction) into JR Pulungan which changes name to JR Purungdowo. There are fields alongside with sugar cane, spinach, rice, chili, brinjol and tomatoes. The next bifurcation is marked by a small roundabout in the shape of (concrete) bamboo shoots (6.5 kms away from Tumpang according to the signpost on it). Here you turn left (South). Pass some chicken farms, and find Candi Kidal on your left after about 1 kilometer. 


The temple is a memorial shrine for King Anusapati of Singasari and dates back to 1250. The site was visited by King Rajasanegara of Majapahit and is mentioned in canto 37 of the Nagarakrtagama.

Description of architecture

Candi Kidal is one of the earliest temples still in existence to follow the East Javanese style. 

Description of statues and reliefs

The candi has fine images of Garuda (see pictures). The central sculpture showed King Anushapati of Singasari as Siva with four arms holding a fly whisk (camara) and prayer beads (akcamala) in the back arms while those in front are folded. Siva looks serene, flanked by two vases with lotus flowers, and standing on a lotus pedestal. These flanking lotus flowers are later features of certain cult statues. The sculpture has been removed from the temple, and is now in the <Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen> in Amsterdam.

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